Why I am running to be your next Member of Parliament


I want to thank you all. Your support and advice has been treasured and has been embraced with concrete results for you.

The people of Charleswood - St. James - Assiniboia - Headingley is the foundation of my successful representation of your needs, concerns and issues at multiple levels of government during my 15 years in public life.

There is no way that I can repay society for the opportunities that have blessed my life. Public service has allowed me to pay down some of the debt that I owe everyone.

It is with the people, of the communities which I have been fortunate to represent, where my loyalty lies. I do not deal in lies, nor do I put a political party before people. My priority is representing constituents.

The people of Manitoba and Canada have experienced stormy times. Sometimes relationships do not always go as planned. Sometimes we have disagreements.

In these cases, it is important is to have a productive dialogue with sincere questions and honest answer.Β  This is how our relationship has developed. Honesty, integrity, transparency, democracy and freedom of thought, are all values we share.

In our modern age of that, it is the individual who votes for the person who he/she wish to represent them in the short term.

It is important that politicians understand that their position exists because of the people and there cannot be any expectation of re-election. A political party should not take for granted the voter in the same way as an elected official should not take for granted those who elected him or her.

As an elected representative, my philosophy is people first. If there is a policy that is not in the interest of the people who elect me to represent them, I always endeavour to improve it. If it is impossible to improve I will speak out against it.Β  In the current Manitoba political culture, the opportunity to have constructive dialogue does not seem to exist.

I do what is right for the people. This gets me into trouble with provincial political elites and political parties from time to time.

In this website, you will also find a variety of public policy initiatives that have been ignored by the political mainstream but are fundamentally important to our society. With your support, we can make a difference. It is you who are reading these words that allows me to stand up for you if that is what you and your Fellow citizens wish.